Mind Full or Mindful

Mindfulness has been shown to significantly help conditions ranging from physical conditions such as fibromyalgia, cancer and mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and major depression. My practice is based on developing mindfulness skills. Mindfulness involves being fully present and grounded in the moment. Have you ever arrived at your destination and not remember how you got there? You don’t remember stopping at any red lights or making any turns. Mindfulness helps us control messages of fear and anger. We learn to control disturbing emotions just as we learn how to ride a bike. Take Sally, for example who had scattered and racing thoughts all day long. She was thinking about what happened yesterday and what she had to do tomorrow. She could not focus on activities at hand. With guidance from me and practice, Sally is now able to enjoy spending time with her children and not think about what she is going to pack for their lunch tomorrow. Im a great referral for a busy mother who feels like she can never complete her to do list. Ask her the last time she was fully present washing the dishes?