Starting the conversation

How do you refer clients without risking offending them? I always start with identifying an undesirable change in someone’s behavior or personality. For example, I see that you have been more stressed than usual, you are pulling out your hair, slamming the door, checking and rechecking the door 10 times. You are biting your nails or you don’t seem as chipper as you normally do. Or you have noticed more of a gradual shift like your best friend doesn’t do yoga with you anymore. I would identify the change and suggest that therapy has been shown to be very helpful in dealing with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. I understand it is difficult to get the conversation started; if you know someone you think needs help and are not sure how to bring it up- I am happy to speak with them or are available for a 15 minute FREE consultation. My sessions are $150 per one hour session. I do not take insurance but work with a company that can help with insurance reimbursement. I am a great referral for your cousin who you have observed to be increasingly irritable and who wants to be able to talk to her husband without snapping. Ask her if she is tired of feeling this way?