DBT Skills Group

DBT Skills Virtual Group: Distress Tolerance Module beginning 11/2/22  5-6:15pm

Classes for adults who will benefit from increased ability to tolerate distress, regulate emotions and engage in healthy, effective relationships

  • 3 modules: Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness (The first two weeks of every module will be Mindfulness)
  • Each module is 8 weeks
  • Group will be held virtually
  • Intake required to assess goodness of fit ($175)
  • $80 per group ($75/group with payment up front)

Mindfulness skills are taught the first two weeks of every module. Mindfulness is the core skill used through out the other 3 modules. By practicing non-judgmental present-focused awareness, you are able to attend to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without engaging in the self-invalidation responsible for persistent emotion dysregulation.

Distress tolerance is a person’s ability to manage actual or perceived emotional distress. It also involves being able to make it through an emotional incident without making it worse

Emotion regulation focuses on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skill to help us understand the function of emotions, the action urge that accompanies each emotion, and whether to heed or oppose these urges. Many researchers define emotion regulation as the ability to enhance or reduce your emotions as needed. In the Emotion Regulation module, we will learn to adjust what emotion we have, how intense it is, when we have it, and how we react to it.

Interpersonal effectiveness goal is to help a person get what they need without damaging themselves or others. Additionally, this module focuses on how to build and maintain healthy relationships.